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Buy a vacuum mattress: the choice:

Among all types of vacuum mattress there are categories of mattresses that can be vacuum-packed and stay in that state longer than others. Spring and latex mattresses can be damaged if they are left under vacuum for too long, so that some producers do not deliver them in this state to prevent damage.

This argument does not apply to memory foam mattresses and water-foam mattresses, as these are much more resistant than latex mattresses and do not have springs inside them.

Reason why an ideal vacuum mattress should be made of these materials; among which, we specify, the best is the memory foam that is the thermosensitive viscoelastic polyurethane foam, because it is more resistant and better able to withstand the stress of being vacuum-packed.

Use a vacuum mattress:

There is no instruction manual for the use of a mattress; however we can give you some advice to make the mattress you bought last longer, if you are interested do more research on Sleep Junkie.

For the vacuum mattress these tips resolve into technical indications that should be followed fairly carefully. We list them as follows:

Do not use your mattress immediately; open it and unroll it, waiting for it to “swell” until it reaches the thickness indicated by the manufacturer. Ideal is to let it rest for at least 4 hours, even if a longer period of time (usually 12 hours) is preferable. Lower quality mattresses require about 48 hours. The better the mattress, the less time you have to wait before using it;

Avoid leaving the vacuum mattress rolled up and packed too long; in case the mattress is left rolled more than 10 days in fact its characteristics could be affected, therefore the product could present areas in which it does not swell homogeneously, such as corners or edges. As in the previous point, the better the mattress, the more time it can be rolled up in a vacuum;

Do not accept the mattress if the envelope is visibly damaged or damaged; since the hygienic conditions could be seriously affected. Always accept products in optimal condition, both for personal hygiene and for current legislation.