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The ideal mattress for pregnancy:

We have seen the countless benefits of the pillows for pregnancy, but also the choice of the mattress deserves proper attention. The temptation could be to focus on comfort, but during pregnancy, it is essential to have the right support exactly where it is needed.

Among the various products available, the ideal mattress for pregnancy could be the pocket spring mattress. The individual springs are enclosed in fabric bags, which work independently of each other.

The suspension, therefore, responds optimally to the stresses of the various parts of the body, the spine is correctly supported and the level of comfort that is obtained is what is expected from the best mattresses.

The search for the best mattress for pregnancy could also lead to another equally valid solution: the memory foam mattress. During the 9 months, the woman’s body is constantly evolving and the memory mattress adapts naturally to these changes.

The typical characteristic of memory is that of interacting with the heat of the body and therefore assuming the most suitable form to support it. When the person moves during sleep, the mattress changes its shape as if following the movements. When, on the other hand, the person rises from the bed, he gradually returns to his original form.

Networks read with movement: no more effort to get out of bed and lie down:

The last months of pregnancy are probably the most difficult for resting. Fatigue begins to feel more and the bump increases in weight and volume, hindering some movements. For this reason, many pregnant women choose to use bed frames with movement.

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The fixed nets put a strain on the body when it comes to getting up because they force the back and abdomen muscles to overwork. The net with movement allows saving this effort, gently accompanying the body towards the sitting position.

Even the time to lie down can become a challenge because the risk is to lie down too abruptly. With the electric network equipped with movement, just sit on the bed and rest your back. The network will do the rest and place the mattress in a horizontal or near-horizontal position according to your preferences.